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Basic Feng Shui Consultation (No Monthly Updates)

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Classical Feng Shui goes back thousands of years ago. My feng shui consultations are done using whatsapp with in depth detailed insight messages & voice recordings that you can save. A consultation will give you all the information that you need about your landforms, flying stars, and more. Many people who are using "Feng Shui" are actually using the modern "New Age" Feng Shui which is not how Feng Shui was originally taught. Real Feng Shui uses compass readings, 24 mountains, internal and external features to determine balance of chi. My consultations include 24 mountains/8 Mansions (for the year- yearly follow up Annual/Monthly report is advised).

Monthly energy star report updates is NOT included for the basic Feng Shui Consult. For amonthly updates, please purchase the "full feng shui consultation). Repeated yearly/monthly consultations are highly advised but is optional.
House Facing direction-Permanent Star sectors-Afflicted Directions for permanent chart-Google maps/remote landscape insight-Element placements-Enhancing good/bad directions-Cures and enhancers-Insight to your archiectual features-Full online info that you can save-Personal follow up questions/answers included in one time price.
*I use Google Earth for finding out your land forms and to help you determine your facing compass direction. Please allow 1-2 weeks for full consultation to be completed. I will notify you if they will take longer.
I do all consults on Whatsapp for easy messaging and voice recordings. Photos of your home/building for the landforms as well as to draw up a floorplan of your space so that I can be more precise with your home/building information for demarcation of areas/rooms.

Whatsapp number: +1 (877) 821-1301 (for text and voice recordings only).

Note: After payment I will assist you on how to take a correct compass direction to help you figure out your facing degree.
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